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FOREX.COM REVIEW is one of the biggest online brokers operating in the retail trading industry. While it has its headquarters in the Unites States, in Australia, runs under GAIN Capital Australia Pty Ltd and is regulated in Australia.
The details of the Australian division can be seen below-
If you are a beginner in Forex trading, you should seek a reputable and reliable broker. It takes a lot of skills and discipline to succeed in trading forex; something a beginner rarely possess. You need a proper Forex company that will provide you with the tuition and necessary training as regarding the rudiments of Forex trading.
Are you looking to get ahead in the world of Forex Trading? Do you know getting a reputable and reliable broker is crucial to your Forex trade journey? is your best berth.
Their evaluations and market insights recently won them the 2014 FXSTREET Best Forex Award.

Reasons to Choose

1) Price Transparency
2) Award Winning Research & Evaluation
3) 24 Hour Customer Support
4) MetaTrader 4 platform
5) Tight spreads is one of the top agents when it comes to price transparency and spreads. They want customers to constantly feel assured that their prices on most popular currency pairs represent that of the wider Forex market.
In our review we realized that they print a frequently updated chart that compares their pricing to an unbiased third party FX rate feed known as the Interactive Data Corporation’s GTIS. This GTIS joins the best bid/ask quotes from over 150 global Forex subscribers.

Look at this vs. GTIS comparison chart, there is hardly any price discrepancy.

This should show to a great extent (especially beginners) with confidence that they are not missing out on competitive prices elsewhere. Another benefit of using as a broker is that they ensure to keep their spreads competitive so that your trading costs are kept as low as possible.
They don’t charge any commissions, so the only costs traders incur are the spreads between currency pairs. post also posts live spreads for every currency pair on their site so dealers understand on a basis how each currency is performing, the quantity traded and level of liquidity in the marketplace. competitive spreads for beginners. The spreads for each currency are also posted and constantly updated on the homepage. This is particularly b for beginner traders conducting research on the products that can be traded through Forex brokers.
The agent provides three various sorts of trading platforms. ForexTrader Pro and Metatrader 4 and DealBook are built for more experienced traders. ForexTrader PRO is completely optimized for currency trading and comes with modern and over the top integrated features.

Trade alerts are available with no 3rd party bridges or auto synchronisation. The Meta Trader 4 platform gives users quick access to’s pricing as well as the additional benefit of fast execution through Meta Trader 4.

This kind of account also provides traders with top 10 global indices, up to 50 currency pairs and more. The DealBook platform enables dealers to take advantage of 32,000 marketplaces ranging from Forex, options, binaries equities.

All trading platforms are available through Pocket PC, iOS, Windows, Android and web download especially when you’re on the move, making trading simple. Range of Markets

Across Forex, indices together with commodities, one has the benefit of trading as a dealer. One can trade over 45 different varieties of money pairs with 10 global indices and put money into various types of energy, petroleum and precious metals.
Also, you have the ability to control or trade a larger portion of money consequently magnifying your gains if successful, while leverage amplifies the amount of risk traders are exposed to.’s asset index is quite huge and dealers are not limited to only trading currency. New assets for trading are consistently being added to the services provided and traders can get up to over 32,000 markets including equities, commodities, indices, options, FX and many more.

Customer Support is committed to helping clients succeed in Forex trading and offer an excellent customer service. You can contact the support staff through a number of means like live chat, phone, fax or electronic mail. There is also support for other languages.


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